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22nd March 2018

Who: Mum Natalie and baby Poppy

What: Baby College Derby 'infants' class

Where: Oakwood Springwood Leisure Centre

When: Friday weekly

We started Baby College in March 2018 when Poppy was five months old and this is our review!

Both baby Poppy and I have really, really enjoyed the class.

It’s much more informative than any other class we have done so far. The class teaches us parents and carers some fascinating insights into baby’s development and explains the reasons behind the activities we do.

The first week was about positive parenting and the second week focussed on baby brain development.

I don’t want to give too much of the classes away but we learnt a lot and also picked up some great little tips such as, when speaking to your baby or explaining something to them, do it into their right ear as that’s the side of the brain which processes language.

Activities we have done include singing, dancing, rhymes, signing, massage, bubbles, tummy time and other sensory activities such as listening to classical music! The babies all seem to really enjoy and engage with all of the activities. 

It’s been really insightful and helpful in understanding our babies and their complex development.  Also, as a bonus - Poppy has fallen asleep within minutes of the class ending!! Result!

After the sessions, we get emailed a handout which goes into a lot more detail about the things we learnt and took part in during the session. This really helps to cement what we did during the class and also includes what signs we learnt that day so we don’t forget! You can also share the emails with a partner so they can see what you’ve been learning too. I think this is a really great part of Baby College.

The lady who runs the classes, Rebecca, was a teacher and she now uses her skills and knowledge to help teach us about our babies! She a mummy herself too so she completely understands if you need to sit out to feed, change or comfort your baby. This makes me feel much more relaxed especially as I did have to feed Poppy part way through the first class!

The next sessions have been about; touch, sense and (most importantly) sleep! We unfortunately had to miss a class as we were away for half term, but as we get sent further reading in the emails - I didn't feel like I missed out! I'm also going to keep the insight emails so I can go back through them in a few months time or whenever I feel I need a refresher.

My favourite part of the classes have been the dancing part that we do each session! Don't worry, it's not embarrassing and everyone's eyes are on their baby so no one is watching you! 

I think Poppy's favourite part is the tummy time - because she's nosey and loves to look at all the other babies!

We absolutely recommend Baby College and if you’d like to find out more about Baby College classes in Derby visit:

We have been doing our classes at Springwood Leisure Centre on a Friday at 11.30am - 12.15pm but there are also classes on Tuesday in Borrowash and Wednesday in Allestree. You can find more information and online booking here.

Rebecca runs classes for all age groups up to 36 months! These are the class descriptions:

  • Infants 0-9 months

Our Infant classes offer an insight into baby development to increase your confidence and understanding of your growing baby. All our fun activities are suitable from birth with the exercises progressing as your baby grows.

  • Toddlers 9-18 months

Your older baby is now fascinated with the world around them so in this group additional learning themes are introduced and new skills are practiced. Activities promote language and social skills and body awareness.

  • Juniors 18-36 months

Our special Junior programme is even more active, more emphasis is placed on encouraging confidence in physical and social skills and in supporting increased independence with fun and stimulating games.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a true account of our experience at Baby College Derby. We cannot guarantee that you will have the same experience but we hope you enjoy it as much as we did!


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