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10th April 2019

What: The Jungle Book Press Night

When: 10th April 2019

Where: Derby Theatre

As a family we were all very familiar with the Jungle Book storyline, so we were really looking forward to seeing how Derby Theatre would bring this to the stage as their most ambitious and inclusive production yet!

Ali Allen did a wonderful job at bringing the jungle to the audience! The stage was set in the depth of the jungle with a huge tree, surrounded by large leaves and accompanied by nature’s sound effects of animals that brought the jungle to life!

The costumes were colourful and vibrant and family favourite characters, like Sheer Khan, were immediately recognisable in his red and black coat.

We quickly settled into the story of a young boy called Mowgli, an orphaned child who makes his own way in the jungle. Mowgli's quest was to find the secret of the 'Red Flower' and to do this, he had to find his way back to his own tribe with the help of loyal friends Baloo and Bagheera.

The animal characters were perfectly performed and brought to life by the talented cast! Mowgli (Iniki Mariano) played a wonderful part in capturing the young and playful man-cub and his close friendship with his 'fat' friend Baloo.

Baloo (Ivan Stott) reminded us all just how lovable the bear is, with his huggable nature and funny expressions!

Bagheera (Esme Sears) depicted an excellent panther who proudly prowled across the jungle stage and remained the loyal friend and protector of Mowgli.

Sheer Khan (Elliott Rennie) did not disappoint with his moody nature and quest to find and kill the man-cub!

Throughout the show there is a great mix of thoughtful moments and funny ones! Sergeant Major (Dominc Rye) and his amusing crew brought humour to the story when they struggled to get anything right! Plus the Sergeant Major shares a very interesting theory on how the elephant got his long trunk!

The Jungle Book is well known for its sing-along-songs, and this show did not disappoint, with a wealth of catchy songs performed and sung by the cast that we could clap along to!

The energy of the community cast was fantastic with their display of the Wolf Pack's singing and dancing!

Neil Duffield's fantastic adaptation of the the Jungle Book story and Sarah Brigham's creative direction, gave us all a positive message that it is OK to be who you are and what you stand for all.

Derby Theatre's seamless integration of British Sign Language (BSL) and Captioning on stage was really impressive and added positive visual communication to the performance! As a family we also learnt some BSL along the way!

The Jungle Book at Derby Theatre is a must see family friendly show for all!

The show is on until Saturday 20 April 2019

Tickets from £10

For more details you can visit Derby Theatre website or you can also book or find out more by texting the Box Office on 07717 346964.

Please note: this is a true reflection of our experience. We cannot guarantee that you will have the same experience as us. We do hope that you enjoy the show as much as us though.

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