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12th August 2016

Have you heard about Make Your Escape - an escape room in our very own Derby? The DDO family gave it a go and here are our thoughts:

We were greeted by the friendly owner behind Make Your Escape, Shelly. Although we were in the heart of the city centre, once inside you forget about where you have just come in from and can only think about what's behind the door of 'The Signal' room and more importantly - we will get out again!

Shelly kindly ran through the story behind the room and gave some rules, tips and advice. There are toilet facilities to use beforehand and we were also given a bottle of water each to take in with us, though there is also air conditioning in the room.

Using her own worldwide escape room experiences with her partner Tim, Shelly has taken their influences and created her own but with an original story, and their own puzzles (some technical, some not) which means you get a truly fantastic experience. Make Your Escape are also keen to point out that there theme is not intended to be scary, dark, or claustrophobic. The unique thing about this escape room is there are TWO possible endings to the story and game!

This is quite a difficult review to write because we can't give too much away regarding what happens inside the room! What we can do is give you each family members thoughts on the game and experience:

DDO Mum Natalie:

Having never done an escape room before, I wasn't entirely sure what to expect. I double checked with Shelly that nothing would jump out at us and there's no live actors in there - I was relieved to hear the words no to both!

I can honestly say it was such great family fun and the things I loved about it was that escaping the room relies a lot on team work and without even realising we were constantly encouraging each other with high fives and 'well dones' to whoever found another clue or solved part of the puzzle!

I was aware that the recommended age for the game is 12+ due to the complexity of the puzzles. Make Your Escape didn't want to encourage younger children to come in case they get bored - which is completely understandable. But we took our daughter Lola because we thought she would enjoy some parts of it if not all. You can read what she has to say about it a little further down but from a mums point of view, she was a great age for it. As there's so much to do, see and find, we were able to set her onto her own tasks (or she found her own) whilst we tackled some of the more complex parts. Having said that we worked together on most things.

Overall, I loved the experience and I would absolutely recommend Make Your Escape for families with children around 9 years and older. If you enjoy Geocaching then we think you will like this. We cannot wait for their second room 'Spellbound' to open in a few months!

DDO Daughter Lola:

I wasn't sure what an escape room was but I am glad I found out! The game was good fun, some bits were harder than others but I still managed to help solve some clues and crack codes. It was interesting and different to any other family day out we've had. The best parts for me were: feeling proud every time I helped solve some of the clues or found something to help, and of course - escaping the room! I also enjoyed hearing the other ending to the story but I'm happy with the ending we picked. (I'm not allowed to say anymore so you will just have to go yourself!) When things got a bit tricky for us, Make Your Escape gave us clues on the screen so we could keep on track with the game. We found this really helpful. Thank you Make Your Escape for a great time!

DDO Dad Adam:

I'd never done an escape room before either so really wasn't sure what to expect or how challenging this would be for the 3 of us having seen groups of adults not make it out on the Facebook page! I put my concerns behind me though and really glad that I did as this was one of the most enjoyable activities I've done in a long time. The 'room' was full of twists and turns giving me a great sense of accomplishment each time we worked out the answer to a clue! I can't rate this highly enough for families as there is enough involvement for everyone. Can't wait for the next room to be ready!!!

Image courtesy of Make Your Escape Facebook Page

Image taken from Make Your Escape Facebook Page

We hope you enjoyed our review. To find out more about Make Your Escape click here or click here to visit their Facebook page.

Will you Make Your Escape in time?!

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