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4th September 2015

Food is the enemy right?

We need to starve our bodies to lose weight & get the strong body we desire… WRONG!

Not only will you no doubt turn in to a psycho and probably want to eat your own arm, but I’ll bet you now that you WON’T get the results you’re hoping for.

When ladies come to me for online coaching, it’s amazing just how many women out there are under eating! Because you have to eat as less calories as possible, and exercising like a maniac in order to achieve that “bangin’ bod” right? Again, WRONG!

Food is fuel !! Not the enemy!

This little statement is something I feel majorly passionate about. Food to the human body, is like petrol to your car, it keeps it going, helping it to function, to survive, and guess what – choose the right foods & you WILL get the results you want, and not be frothing at the mouth at the same time! Winner I hear you shout!

So why am I banging on about this…

I want to EDUCATE women to FUEL THEIR BODIES & achieve a HEALTHY balanced lifestyle, helping to EMPOWER them, and guess what, as a bonus – they’ll look SHIT HOT at the same time!

Food is a pleasure, I bet if you’re reading this now then you can definitely recall a time when you’ve been out with the girls and devoured an incredible meal, giggling over a juicy plate with all the sides. Ok, stop dribbling. But you get my point.

Food is NOT the enemy and we need to change the way that we view it.

Of course, I am not saying go eat ten burgers to get your ‘cals’ in and all will be hunky dory as you walk out the gym looking like a machine. Sorry ladies.

Learn to FUEL YOUR BODY with nutritious foods & GET THE RESULTS you want!

I often focus on getting my ladies to eat more, some often start by eating 4 meals per day – you might be thinking – wow, surely that’s a lot of food and you won’t get results. The pictures below definitely say otherwise hey…

Kat Williams PT & Group X teacher


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