6th December 2018

Derby Days Out bloggers Mya (aged 9) and Holly (aged 7) had this to say about Hansel and Gretel! 

We loved the stage, it was bright and colourful, our favourite colours are pink and purple! The trees looked real too, like a proper forest! 

The rook gang were funny but a bit greedy because they ate all the breadcrumb trail left behind by Gretel, and that's why they got lost. 

They did find a new home in the forest, but it was made of gingerbread and sweets! It looked so yummy! Hansel and Gretel could actually eat real sweets off the house! It made us feel hungry! But inside the house wasn't made of sweets because they were tricked by the wicked witch. 

I felt sorry for Hansel because the witch wanted to eat him for super and locked him in a cage. The problem was, the witch kept on feeding him food and he wouldn't stop eating it all! 

The witch wanted to cook him in the big oven which looked really red and hot because of all the smoke! 

The best bit was when Gretel made the witch fall asleep because her snore was really loud and squeeky!

I was really happy when they managed to escape and rescue Ronald Rook as well! He was so tall, taller than a house!

We loved it all, it was fun!

Mya and Holly    

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