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27th July 2015

Well today was a pretty exciting day for all of us because we appeared on BBC Radio Derby this morning!

To be honest we were all a bit nervous before we went but that’s because none of us have been on the radio before so we didn’t know what to expect!!

Anyway, we got there nice and early (because I’d rather be 3 hours early than 1 minute late!) and was greeted by a lovely receptionist who got us all a drink. Water for me, coffee for Adam and vimto for Lola which she was really excited about because I never usually let her drink it!

Then we were shown into the main building where we could hear Aleena Naylor presenting and more excitingly – talking about us!! It was a bit surreal!

We went in to meet Aleena at 11:13am and felt immediately at ease because she was so lovely and welcoming! We were told it was going to be a chat rather than an interview which took the pressure off us.

Jess, the lovely lady who showed us into the studio said we would forget about the mics which we initially found hard to believe but she was right! It was just like having a chat with someone about our business; we didn’t think about the people listening in!

Amazingly we were on air for about half an hour which was great. The conversation seemed to flow rather nicely and we were so proud of Lola, who is a rather shy child, for how well she spoke to Aleena.

We all came out of the studio feeling relieved it went well and so proud of ourselves for how far we’ve come! Lola said that she thought the experience was cool and awesome!

We hope that we came across well and that people understood what we were trying to do with the website.

If you didn’t hear us and would like to then the link below will work until the 25/8/15. We feature exactly one hour and fifteen minutes into the programme.

We couldn't resist a selfie!


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