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17th November 2015

You know the summer is over when it's pitch black outside and your alarm is going off, or the kids are coming in far far too early! The duvet always seems like the best option, but please don't let the winter affect your progress. It's mind over mattress zesties!

Rule 1: Alarm plan Get your workout kit ready, clean and in a pile by the bathroom door and this old chestnut have your alarm the other side of the room. This way you have to get out of bed to turn the damn thing off .... Right, your up & kit goes on!
Rule 2: Coffee fix - Right making sure your coffee is prepped and ready before bed is the one, no washing out a dirty coffee pot at 6am - yep I've been there. Coffee is ready, kettle boiled and a spoonful of lucy bees coconut oil. Yes now your caffeinated!
Rule 3: Get fueled up. A great early morning pre workout (unless you prefer fasted) is a whey protein shake - quick, simple, no mess and ready to go in your shaker bottle.
Rule 4: pack your gym bag the night before and put it by the front door. Have everything you need, make up, hair care and don't forget your bra! yep done that a few times (a sweaty shock absorber under a work clothes is not a good look!)
Rule 5: Repeat all of the above! Remember creating that fitness habit is all that's needed to stay motivated & you will feel great because of it!
Kathryn Williams
Owner Of Zestfit
Personal Trainer, Group X instructor, INSANITY PIYO, Zumba Instructor & Beachbody LIVE Ambassador 2015


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