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25th June 2017

My first blog on DDO for over a year and how things have changed!

The growth of DDO has taken me by surprise but when you see the level of dedication, hard work and commitment that DDO Mum Natalie puts in, it is certainly not by luck that she has won awards and grown to be the number 1 family events site in Derbyshire.

(Nat was named East Midlands Highly Commended New Business Woman of Year 2017 at the East Midlands Chambers Enterprising Women Awards in March.)

Aside from the imminent move to a new DDO HQ is our newest bundle of joy due at the end of September 2017 and this blog is about my feelings, thoughts and general chit chat around this.

When announcing the news to family, friends and colleagues I like to state that 'IT WAS PLANNED' ... if you don't say it the question always comes back. Also people don't seem to know if to be happy for you or not, but you say it was planned then you must be happy about it! I am absolutely over the moon about it if the truth be told; I really couldn't think of anything that can make a person happier.


So we are having a 'planned' baby ... what next?!? It's been a fair number of years since I went through a pregnancy (I've got to say ... not so planned!) and I feel like I don't know the first thing about what's about to happen and feel like people keep correcting anything I have to say.

One of the biggest differences this time around is money. I don't mind admitting that having a baby at 19/20 I didn't have any money in the bank but this time it's planned so I've saved up (what I believe to be more than enough) so we can buy the baby everything it needs. 

So we sit and make a spreadsheet because I'm over 30 and love to be organised about everything; at this point it dawns on me that babies need SOOOOOOOOO much stuff, Mum needs SOOOOOOOO much stuff, the house needs SOOOOOOOOOOO much stuff and even Dad needs a bag for the hospital. 

Just a few of the 'bits and bobs' we needs: cot, wardrobe, baby changing unit, travel system, car seat, ISO fix base for car seat (!), vests, all in ones, coat, hat, nappy sacks, nappies, moses basket, sheets, mattress, baby sleeping bag, towels, changing bag, slippers, lip balm, socks, nursing bra, earplugs etc etc etc. I might be asking for some overtime at work!!

This doesn't stop me from getting unnecessary items ... why have a pushchair in pink/blue when you can get a travel system covered in unicorns?? Why buy a standard baby monitor when you can buy a home system that allows you to watch your sleeping baby via an app when your miles away working???

We've started buying some of the 'stuff' and our once spare room suddenly looks like a small warehouse for Amazon!

On one hand I keep thinking about reading a parenting book and then on the other hand I think "how hard can it be, you've managed it before" ... this must be the same for all new parents so I've met somewhere in the middle and read a sales brochure that we picked up from Boots the other day; so I'm basically an expert all over again. Feed um, change um, love um :-)

But even if I do get over the fear of what's coming up I still have loads of people to remind me that my life is going to change so much. Is it ... is it really?!? I hadn't appreciated that bringing home a tiny human that totally depends on you would change things so your expert advice is appreciated.

We aren't finding out the babies gender; my personal feelings on this is that we live in a 'want everything now' society but I think let's let nature do its thing and we'll have a surprise at the end. My reoccurring dream is that we are having a girl, she arrives 2 months early and she is absolutely perfect in every way :-)


I won't reveal names but my guess is a girl, coming early and weighing 5lbs 7oz.

I will admit that the thought of going through labour scares me. Hats off to all ladies that go through the process of giving birth, I really don't think I could go through it.

Counting down the days until our family is +1 for real ... above everything else I am ridiculously excited. 


We really hope that you find this website useful in helping you plan a family day out. Whilst we try our absolute hardest to ensure all of the information is correct and up to date, we highly recommend you call ahead of any planned visit to check opening times and prices etc. We don't want any disappointed families! (Oh and check the weather before you set off!) 

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