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4th June 2018

Derby Museums goes WILD this summer with an exhibition celebrating Natural History of the British Isles

‘Wild’ is a stunning exhibition featuring animals from the British Isles which are rarely encountered up close. These iconic specimens are shown as taxidermy pieces in dynamic poses which show the visitor some of their behaviour. The suggestions of habitat also allow the visitor to appreciate the diverse environments that are found within the UK and experience what it is like to see the animals as they would in the wild.

The visitor will see a Barn Owl swooping down to catch a mouse, Red Squirrels chasing each other around a tree and a Gannet in full dive plummeting towards the sea, among other displays. They will also see large dramatic images of wonderful landscapes from the UK and become immersed in the family friendly interactives that accompany the displays.

Tony Butler, Executive Director of Derby Museums said:

This wonderful exhibition is incredibly family friendly but also works so well with the science national curriculum. It focuses on British species and the relationship they have with their environment and their biology.

The exhibition opens to the public on Saturday 7 July and runs until Wednesday 22 August 2018 at the Museum & Art Gallery, The Strand Derby.

Derby Museums is delighted the University of Derby and Alderwasley Hall School and Sixth Form Centre, part of the Senad Group, are both proud to support this exhibition through their generous sponsorship.

Derby Museums will ask visitors to ‘Give What You Think’, as a donation, when visiting this exhibition.

MORE INFO HERE: www.derbymuseums.org

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